Social Ros promotes help and support  children, young people and older people.
We strong believe in quality and social trust. We want to increase our approach to parents and young people.

Help for children without resources. We give child support and collaborate with initiatives that are aimed to get a better childhood for  children without resources. These partnerships are part of our commitment to improve children´s situation. Recently Social Ros has donated 200 chairs for the "Xiquets"; an  association of families educators who provide a suitable family environment for children whitout family.



United Nations. Ros Solidaire gives blankets to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Spain during the cold winter, Ros Solidarity responds with warmth and, above all, with love. This year we have given hundreds of covers for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Spain, UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. Ros Solidaire supports responsible and sustainable resource management and corporate social responsibility ..


Elder People. They gave us all their wisdom, their experience, their caring, love and affection. We are forever indebted to our elders. For each sale of a cot or  a convertible crib made by Ros we donate one euro to the "Sisters of the Poor" association:  The charisma of this organization is the caring of eldery people without resources.

Le troisième âge 


Collaborate!!. Ros Solidarity works with several associations, so that if you thought your association or project may interest us, send us an e-mail